6 Tips For Selling An Older House


When it comes to selling a home, location and price are always crucial. You can’t do anything about your location, and you might think there’s not much you can do about your home’s age. However, if you are trying to sell an older home, there are actually things you can do something about. Keep reading to learn 6 tips for selling an older house.

Light Things Up:

Good lighting is something that nearly every buyer states as a desire in a new home. Brighten up your home by increasing the light bulb wattage, clean your windows, and remove drapes. Even consider trimming down any large shrubs to let more light in through the windows. Older homes tend to be smaller than newer homes, but a lot of light can make the space feel bigger and more alive.

Empty All Storage Spaces:

Any buyer wants to know how much storage is going to be in their new home, especially in an older home. Remove at least half of all things from closets so you can simultaneously show how much room is there while also giving a sense of practical usage. Just make sure everything left is clean, organized, and not something you mind snoopy buyers looking into.


Small repairs and a handful of modern touches can convey a sense of upkeep that strikes a chord with buyers. They’re more willing to buy an older home if it looks like it’s been maintained and kept current.

Price It Right Out Of The Gate:

Many sellers assume they should start off with an asking price that is high, thinking they can drop it later if the house doesn’t sell. That can actually backfire and result in a slower sale for a lower price. The initial month your house is available on the market is when you will see the best activity. Pricing too high turns agents and buyers off because it implies you’re not serious, unwilling to haggle, or just unrealistic.

Be Enticing:

Home warranties and closing credits are so standard now that most homebuyers are going to expect them. Throw in some sweeteners to counter your home’s age. Do you live on a golf course? Include the golf cart. Also, consider including a huge flatscreen or stainless steel kitchen appliances. New technology and modern fixtures can really help an older home feel more current.

Make A Great First Impression:

You have to make an excellent first impression on potential buyers because you don’t get a second chance after they form their initial opinions. Once they walk in the front door, they’ve already formed certain perceptions. The ones you have to worry about are the ones that decide not to tour your home based on what they see from the curb. Plant new shrubs and bright flowers, and even put a bench our small table outside your front entry with cookies or fresh flowers so prospective buyers are drawn in by inviting aromas and fresh smells.

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