How To Price Your Home To Sell Faster in Any Market

Real Estate Advice

The following 10 tips are helpful in setting you up to sell your house fast:

  1. Consider selling the house “as is” for cash

The fastest way how to price your house to sell fast is to sell it for cash as is; however, that probably will not be the highest price you could receive. There are several we buy houses companies in Atlanta Georgia willing to buy houses for cash as is. The main pro is that you don’t have to make house repairs at all. If you are wanting to make a profit, it would be better to find a real estate agent and list the house for sale.

  1. Find the most qualified agent in your area to sell your home

We are not suggesting you sell your home for several reasons. Selling your home will take time to answer questions to potential buyers, time to make sure they are pre-qualified with a bank, time to find out and answer financial questions and to set up appointments and show your home. Those tasks are better suited to a licensed real estate agent.

You want a top-notch real estate agent standing beside you when you sell your home, especially if you want your home to sell fast. Ask for referrals from friends and family and then interview at least 3 of the agents. Have each one run a Current Market Analysis (CMA) with your home in it. The CMA will show what homes in the area have been selling for; with that information, you can determine what the best sales price for your home should be.

  1. What rate do you pay the realtor?

Realtors request a specific fee to sell a house for you. To get your home to sell fast, you probably shouldn’t try to negotiate that down. They will be working hard for their money. They will only be letting qualified home buyers see your home, and they will be making sure that potential buyers are accompanied while walking through your home, they will be making all the appointments, answering the buyer’s questions, and they will touch base with you whenever it is necessary.

You might even want to include a bonus to the buyers’ agent for buying the house, i.e., $2,000. It will get the buying agents from all areas to want to show your home before others. It is a huge draw for buyers agents.

  1. Declutter the house

Clutter in a home distracts the buyer from looking at the house. The best thing to do is to pack up as many of your personal belongings as you can and move them to a storage facility. Also, know that people are going to look in your closets, so straighten them up. Organize shelves and linens.

  1. Hire a professional stager

After you have de-cluttered your home, call in a professional stager to stage your home. It may mean putting more of your belongings in storage, but it will be worth it. They are not emotionally attached to items and they can bring the best things forward to accent the rooms so that the beauty in the house stands out.

  1. Get rid of pet smells

We love our pets, but the rest of the world doesn’t. Nothing is as offensive to a buyer as smelling a pet when they walk in the door. Take the time and spend the money to deodorize your home from pet smells. Clean carpets, wash drapes and curtains, open windows to air the house out, simmer potpourri or place deodorizers around the house. Ask your agent, they will be honest with you.

  1. Make the most you can for your home

Look at your property with an objective eye. If there are distractions, like automobiles, wood. trash, or other objects lying around, take the time to clean the area(s) up. If it means hiring someone to come in and do the job, it is worth it. You want your buyer to think you’re on your way out and that they can move in quickly without much to do.

If you know something needs to be fixed, fix it, or be prepared to negotiate it when an offer comes in. The more repair-free your home is, the less negotiation you will probably have to do. There are debates as to whether a buyer wants to have something to negotiate on when buying a house or if they are happy to just offer the asking price for a move-in ready home. Ideally, you will price it so that a bidding war will take place, but that suggests that minimum repairs are needed.

  1. What is your bottom dollar in this buyer’s market?

Think about what you absolutely have to have from the sale of your home. Discuss it with your lender. Only you know what you need to have to go into the next home when you leave this one. If it is appropriate, share the number with the real estate agent.

  1. What time of year is the best time to show your house?

We are heading into summer and it’s a great time to be selling a home. But is it the best time for your property to be sold? This really goes back to how good your property looks. Does your property show well in the spring and summer because you have flowers in the yard? Would fall be better because you have deciduous trees that have leaves that turn beautiful colors? Or would it be best if everything were laying under a layer of snow? If it isn’t summer, should you wait until another season to sell your house?

  1. Do you live in a desirable neighborhood?

The neighborhood you live in is an important feature for any home. If yours is a great one, be sure you advertise that feature in flyers and brochures. It’s especially important to couples with children that are looking for a home.

In conclusion, implementing the 10 tips discuss in this article will allow you to sell you house in no time. However, the fastest way to get your Atlanta property sold and cash in your hands is to sell to a local house buyer. Most home buyers and companies that buy houses cash usually can get it done in a matter of days and often time pay all of your closing costs. Companies like Atlanta, GA fast home offers to pay all of the seller’s closing costs when they buy your property.